Awakening Lawyers student mentorship programme

Application date extended to close of

business Thurs 20 May 2021

A 3 month online mentorship programme for law students who chose law because they want to make a difference in the world.




Does this sound like you?

You decided to study law because you felt you would be able to help people as a lawyer but so far no one has really mentioned this much in your studies.   

You’ve heard lots of stories about the dysfunction and toxicity of the legal profession and you’re wondering if there is another way to practise or if that’s just how it is.

You’re anxious about the stress of practising law because you’re only in law school and you’re already pretty stressed out! You’re starting to wonder if you have what it takes to be a lawyer after all.   

You wonder what the options are for your career but so far it seems there is the BigLaw option or human rights law and you’re not sure where you fit in. 

You think about the concept of law being a noble profession yet you know everyone makes jokes about lawyers being sharks. You’re curious about what sort of lawyer you’d like to be but you’ve had zero time to even think about who you are. 

It seems utopian to ponder whether you could really be a lawyer who helps people, transforms lives and is an activist for social change – and so you certainly have not dared voice your dream let alone your fears to anyone. 

If this sounds like you  – we have an amazing opportunity for 25 lucky students. 

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be mentored by a lawyer who’s a changemaker in the law, who will assist you in seeing your career in a new way.    


I am SO keen! I want to apply immediately! 


Note: the shortlisted students will be asked for a transcript and possibly a



  • You will begin your participation in this mentorship program by researching your mentor online, via Linked in or their website or whatever links they have provided. It is important you show an interest in learning about them and it will help you start to think about what you may learn from them.
  • You will write a formal letter of introduction to your mentor and attach your CV (don’t worry if it’s not perfect, you can amend it, maybe your mentor will even assist, but this is good practice to get your CV dusted off) 
  • You will agree with your mentor on appropriate times and dates for your mentorship sessions and what platform to use (probably Zoom, but up to you)
  • You will take notes from the sessions and undertake any assignments or journaling prompts your mentor may give you
  • You will complete the Integrative Leadership Training modules by watching all the videos, reading articles, doing some exercises and engaging with other mentees and mentors about your insights. 
  • You will participate fully in all Mentorship sessions with your mentor. 
  • You will close off your participation in the program by writing your mentor a formal letter of thanks. Please note it’s up to each mentor whether they wish to continue the mentorship relationship after the program ends. 

I am SO keen! I want to apply immediately! 


Note: the shortlisted students will be asked for a transcript and possibly a


What will you be learning about? 


This is a personal AND professional development programme for law students  who want to do world-changing work in a heart-centred way.

It is designed to help you:

  • to see conflict in a new way
  • to see the role of lawyers in a new way
  • to become a changemaker
  • to think more deeply about what you came here to do and what may be in your way 
  • to connect with an extraordinary group of mentors from 5 continents who want to help you THRIVE in your career and bring about much needed change

In short, this amazing TRIBE of 25 mentors who are lawyers practising law with OPEN MINDS AND OPEN HEARTS are going to share with you all the things they wished they’d known  as law students. 

The best guidebook you can get if you want to bring about change in the law is the extraordinary Lawyers as Changemakers by my friend and colleague J Kim Wright which I am holding in this picture. We’ll chat about the book during the course. We will also talk about Lawyers as Peacemakers, Kim’s earlier book also published by the American Bar Association. 



“My favourite part was when you shared the names and work of lawyers changing the game (the legal field). It is amazing and heartwarming to know that there are people within the legal profession looking to shift the paradigm. People like you helping to create and realize a different, healthier legal profession that works for the lawyers and the people lawyers are meant to help. ‘Law schools have not kept up’. We all cannot thank you enough for the work that you do. Thank you.”

“Everything that I am learning in this programme is so helpful not only in deciding what my options are after my degree, but my emotional wellbeing and my personal relationships are beginning to flourish in a short amount of time. I’d really love to share this knowledge with as many law students as possible. I want to show others this different way of practicing law.”

“This programme has triggered much thought as to what my purpose in the law is when i recall the talk with Kim Wright and how she describes integrative lawyers as those who are usually set on discovering their purpose. THIS IS really helpful especially for those who would like to approach their way of practicing law in a more integrative way. It is really a relief to hear that things will fall into place and with experience and time my purpose will become clear.”

“The first pillar of integrative law stood out for me. Having the constant questions of “why am I here” “Why am I studying law” has always been running through my mind since I started my studies. At the launch of this Programme Amanda said “we didn’t choose law, law chose us” , that phrase has stuck with me ever since. It has kept me going through all the online assignments and tests.”

Hi, I’m your facilitator

My name, Amanda Lamond, means “Beloved Lawspeaker”. And that is what I do: I coach and teach awakening lawyers and write and speak about how we can birth the new legal system humanity is crying out for. But it took 20 agonising years to get this clarity, so I know what it’s like to feel lost in your career, despite outwardly appearing to be successful.

I’ve always wanted to do work that aligns with my soul  – I know this is a luxury for many. Today my greatest fulfilment comes from helping heartbroken, disillusioned lawyers discover a new way to practise that brings radical transformation to them and their clients. 

I’m an ex attorney who ran for the hills when I saw the dysfunction and toxicity in the legal profession. After working as a law lecturer, a director of a non-profit college for impoverished students, a facilitator of corporate leadership programs, an organizational development consultant and an entrepreneur running events for women lawyers, I started listening to the spiritual guidance that said I’m here to work with awakening lawyers. This refers to lawyers who are on a spiritual journey, helping the new legal system emerge by being peacemakers, justice warriors and activists for social change. 

My “Life PHD” is in spiritual and personal development. I’ve spent the majority of my life figuring out how to integrate the different parts of me and making sense of the big questions like “why are we here?” and “why is there so much suffering?”. This, combined with my being a qualified attorney proved to be exactly the curriculum I needed to work in the niche intersection between law and spirituality. 

Success for me now means using all I’ve been through to support lawyers towards doing what they came here to do  and being happier and healthier for it. To learn more about me please visit 

Every week you’ll receive an email about what we’re focusing on that week and which video  (on the FB page) to watch & comment on. Some are just 15 or 20 mins. You will enjoy them! 
There are exercises for you to  fill in, or techniques you can APPLY in your life to help you manage stress and anxiety and overwhelm.  This program is practical as well as theoretical. We want you to experience change during your 3 months with us. 
There are a number of recorded videos I have made for you, so that you can process the “intellectual” stuff at your own pace, learning the key concepts in your own time. We will also have a few Zoom calls but these are kept to a minimum. 

You will have 3 scheduled long sessions with your mentor to get to know them, and they you. You’ll schedule these when it suits you both. In between you can correspond by email or whatever your mentor says works for them. 

On a private Facebook Group you’ll watch the prescribed videos and put your comments – and engage with the other mentees and mentors. 
Depending on the cohort, we may use a tool such as What’sApp if that suits participants, to feel supported during the course.



week 1 starts 24 May 2021 “Orientation week”

week 13 starts 16 Aug – this is the final week.

This is NOT an onerous workload. 

The aim is to teach you about NEW ways you could practise law – not give you 74645 assignments.  

You will only have about an hour or 1.5 hrs per week of stuff to do – you can make it up in the holidays if you need to pull back during 2 weeks of your exams, for example. We are here to support you! 


 THE PROBABLE times (to accommodate mentors in diff time zones) 

  • Johannesburg time: 20h00 to 21h30
  • PST: 11h00 to 12h30 (9 hr time difference applies in US summer)
  • ET: 14h00 to 15h30 (6 hr time difference to South Africa in US summer)


I am SO keen! I want to apply immediately! 


Note: the shortlisted students will be asked for a transcript and possibly a


If you really need to ask questions –  please mail

But no applications will be dealt with via email.