Awakening Lawyers: [n. pl.]  lawyers on a spiritual journey, helping the new legal system emerge by being peacemakers, justice warriors and activists for social change.

Awakening Lawyers

Inside you are the stories that brought you to this point of your life. 

Through the good times and the bad, you have been evolving each year. At times you’ve probably had to dig deep to find the sustenance to keep going. Law is not an easy profession. 

You’ve probably been taught to wear a professional mask and hide who you really are and how you feel. 

But the stories inside you matter because who a lawyer is matters as much as the power of the lawyer’s intellect

Do you want to figure out the most authentic way to bring all of who you are to what you do? 

The Legal Lightworkers VIP academy

starts 4 November 2021


This is the most significant contribution I have ever made to the evolution of the legal profession.

It is my invitation to a select group of legal lightworkers who are completely ready to live inside the vibration of their true work and calling, to work closely with me. 

It is an activation portal that will provide these leaders with multidimensional support to clear the spiritual, mental, emotional or financial blocks holding them back, so they can step fully into their earth mission. 

This is not a mass offering. I do not envisage any more than 10 clients, because it is a super specialised niche. 

The shifts will be radical. We are here to birth the next legal system that will follow this one which is on its way out.

Please go to the COURSE page for the VIP Academy which is on Kajabi, the new platform Awakening Lawyers will move to and the home of ALL my courses.

The course page explains it all and includes an 8 minute video explaining the Academy.



Are you an awakening lawyer? 

  • Do you recognise that the existing societal dispute resolution methods leave relationships fractured and hearts broken?
  • Are you growing through your spiritual and personal journey in ways that you’d love to reflect in your practice?
  • Does the thought of developing alternatives to the existing legal system and birthing new ways to meet clients’ needs excite you?  
  • Do you yearn for opportunities to bring more of who you are to your work rather than less because that’s what makes others feel safe and is considered “professional” for lawyers?
  • Are you ready to seek peace in your own life, in your clients’ lives and in the world?

If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, chances are you’re an Awakening Lawyer. 

If you haven’t yet found your tribe…

If you are an awakening lawyer and you haven’t yet discovered your tribe and reinvented the way you practise, chances are that you feel:

  • you have much more to offer the world than you are currently able to
  • The way you’re practising now exhausts you
  • You’re yearning to feel greater alignment between who you are and what you do
  • you think back to why you were drawn to the law and think “this isn’t it” 
  • You look around legal environments and despite being able to play the game, you feel profoundly out of place. 

Let’s uncover your story as an Awakening Lawyer. 

Let’s get you to Greatness. 

Services for

Awakening Lawyers

Online programmes & coaching for lawyers who want their legal practice to be as spiritually evolved as they are. If you’re open to the possibility that practising law and healing conflict could be a sacred practice, you’re in the right place.

Online Programmes

Various group coaching programmes are offered each year with enrolment at different times. Sign up to the newsletter to be kept in the loop re earlybird specials.

Self-study courses

There are many self study courses in development! Right now there is just one, for lawyers in early practise or especially for law students! Please click here to access my Udemy course Create a Life you Love in the Law 

One-on-one Coaching

I’m a soul coach, interested in helping you get clear on why you incarnated and how you practise in alignment with who you really are. Please use the contact page to drop me a mail and let’s see if we’re a good fit. 

Channelled Readings

 I provide channeled readings for lawyers by contacting their spiritual guides. You’d be surprised how many lawyers are on a spiritual path and ready for such guidance! Click here to go to to understand more about my background & readings or just use the contact form to reach out to me.


I consult, speak, write and teach about the future of law, Integrative Law and what it means to be an integrative lawyer. I’ve contributed to Lawyers as Changemakers by J Kim Wright, run mentorship programmes and recorded online programmes for lawyers. Let’s talk. 


I love speaking about all matters concerning awakening lawyers! I also speak about my own unusual path. Please use the contact page if you’re interested in hiring me to speak at an event.

You can become a legal alchemist, using the power of conflict to turn fear into love, despair into hope, and separation into unity.

We have tools to help you see everything from a higher perspective which will assist you to show your clients new ways of seeing their issues. You will notice that awakening is an ongoing action and it will require much soul searching, but if this is what you came here to do dear one, you will know in your heart there is no other way. You can become a legal alchemist, using the power of conflict to turn fear into love, despair into hope, and separation into unity. 

Awakening Lawyers are lawyers awakening to a new consciousness emerging in the law. These lawyers see the dysfunction and toxicity of the current legal system and rather than quitting law or numbing their pain, feel called to awaken and shift to being peacemakers, justice warriors and as activists for social change.

An awakening lawyer seeks to resolve conflicts mindfully in her own life, to do no harm and is prepared always to learn first why she has created that conflict and only then to hold another accountable if the situation requires it. There exist many ways to put a wrong right but perhaps it is time to move beyond the fields of right and wrong and instead seek primarily learning. Can you facilitate learning in your clients and yourself in each case, so that all parties involved can be freed from repeating the same patterns that create suffering for themselves and others? Are you ready to take an oath to serve love instead of fear? Are you ready to be the one person in the room holding a vision of peace, however remote that possibility may seem?

 Are you ready?

Are you ready to view your role as a lawyer in a new light? Instead of a gladiator, do you choose to be a guide through the wilderness of conflict? You know how bewildering conflict is. You know the desperation, the rage and the powerlessness you tried so hard to ignore in your clients for you were never taught how to address these things. Instead you sought comfort in your intellect, focusing on the legal solutions and closing the door to your heart. Still these heavy emotions lingered in your clothes long after you left the office. There is another way. 

 Let’s help you find it. 

I work with lawyers at all stages of their journey in awakening to the new consciousness emerging in the law. 

The term “Awakening Lawyers” is one I was guided to use in 2014 but only in 2020 have I felt that I and the world are ready for this work!  My company is called the Centre for Integrative Law because the Integrative Law Movement is my tribe.  My belief is that Awakening Lawyers is an all-encompassing and easily understood term and that awakening lawyers are likely to become Integrative lawyers. This will happen when they’ve shifted to an extent that they can no longer practise in the adversarial “winner takes all” models they were taught and when they figure out there is a whole movement of legal professionals out there who share their new values. Unfortunately, news of the Integrative Law Movement is not spreading as fast as one might hope, perhaps because there are many institutions with a vested interest in maintaining the status quo. “Healing the legal profession one lawyer at a time” used to be the Centre for Integrative Law’s tagline but I’m coming to see that the or healing is not something that I do or provide for someone. The awakening happens of its own accord and my work is to provide a supportive space in which it can take place. 

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing is a field, I’ll meet you there. 

~ Rumi

From Clients

A few things clients have said.

“Amanda Lamond is the person who made the most difference in my mindset shift in 2020. I recommend booking time with her now – don’t wait! I’ve now referred her to 11 friends and colleagues. The feedback I’ve gotten from them echoes my sentiment. She’s able to provide exactly what is needed at the moment for your next stage of growth – be it professional or personal. I regularly reread what she sent me and it’s made a significant impact in my life and I plan on engaging Amanda Lamond yearly from now on. Take the leap and just set up a time with her – you will be delighted and amazed at the deep insights you will come away with.”

Kelly McGrath

Peacemaking Lawyer, Florida

“Amanda… you are such a star for the amazing work you are doing. You are bringing consciousness to the legal profession.  That’s what I felt was missing in the first place when I left all those years ago. What could be more important? Especially to a profession grounded in reason and rationality… you are providing the rest of the picture: emotional literacy in an emotion phobic profession! Keep up the great work. Remember: To be a visionary is to walk alone until everyone begins to buy into your vision. When that happens, you will be amazed at the momentum as a reality far beyond what you could imagine begins to manifest.”

Philippa Levitt

Attorney & Artist, Johannesburg

“I did not know what to really expect when a colleague tells you ‘this woman channels your guides and can change your life’. While I may be more open than most lawyers to something alternative/spiritual/unexplainable, if you’re hesitant know that Amanda herself is right there with the left-brained rest of us, having questioned and pushed back against this gift for years. We are all lucky she’s instead chosen to fully embrace it now. When I read what she wrote for me, I burst into tears. Amanda has a way of tuning in to who each of us are, what is happening in our lives, and somehow carrying onto paper the things we need to hear that we weren’t really aware of.”

Jacqueline Horani

Legal Changemaker, New York

“The webinars in the Create Your Path course felt like therapeutic group sessions through the peer sharing and learning from each other. Furthermore, the individual sessions were very powerful. Thank you for the clicktrack it also helped me a lot  and I am using it any time I feel disconnected. You have been awesome throughout this process and I praise God to have found you at this stage of my life.”

Yoliswa Kobo

Mediator, Durban

Adventures with awakening lawyers

Awakening lawyers come in all shapes and sizes, all genders and all races. We don’t judge where you are on your journey because you can’t be anywhere else except where you are! We embrace the concept of multiple intelligences to help us make sense of our lives and careers and what we wish to work on.